Quirimbas Kitesurfing Trips

Unexplored kite spots in the beautiful atolls of the north Mozambican archipelago

Beautiful atolls scattered along the Mozambican coasts, close to the Tanzanian borders: these are the Quirimbas islands. It's a perfect setting for the perfect kitesurf trip.

If you ever considered kitesurfing in Mozambique, you definitely want to consider such a great trip.

Quirimbas atolls



Kitesurfing in the Quirimbas

It can be a unique chance to be in places where no kitesurfer has passed yet. The kitesurfing trip will start from the Pemba and cross over all the quirimbas atolls, starting from Ibo

For this reason Kitesurf Universe is now developing a program to discover these incredible islands in an unforgettable experience.


The kitesurfing trip will take place in the Cusi season leaving from the Pemba and cross over all the Quirimbas atolls, starting from the harbor, with a catamaran charter.

After passing the notorious Ponta Diablo the first stop will be in Quissiva, the first island coming from south. It will be the starting point for an incredible kitesurfing downwind session up to the next atoll: Quirimba. Here the charter will be able to stop for a night or two, giving the chance to have great session in the turquoise waters of the island.

Through another kitesurfing downwind session the next step is made from Quirimba to Matemo, passing Ibo island. These island takes its name from the Portuguese acronym 'ilha bem organizada' (well organized island), thanks for the early development of a Portuguese community. Historical fortress, churces and Portuguese colonial houses can be the backdrop for a nice dinner in one of the local restaurants, which can often turn out to offer a great local and international cuisine. In the night the next stop in Matemo and in the next day a freestyle session in the lagoon is a must.

The next downwind session will lead up to Pangane, to find a secret spot in a reef bordered lagoon, which can become the ideal playground for another freestyle kitesurfing session, with the right tide moment.

All the following day will be spent to try the different kitesurfing spots in Macaloe and Ingoane, with a stop in Cabo Pechue, preparing the next day around Mejumbe island which also offers great lagoons for various kitesurf  sessions.

The last day will be used to return in the Pemba area where all the participants will be able to rest and relax and take advantage of the local kitesurfing spots both at Mecufi Beach Resort or at Il Pirata.



The trip is organized to take place in one week and the ideal length for the vacation is two weeks, keeping in mind that it will be physically demanding, an extra week in the lodge or resort might be very advisable for travelers coming with long distance flights.
Due to their nature, the Quirimbas kite surfing trips are custom made to suit the Kiter’s needs. Only experienced kiters are admitted: capabilities in consistent upwind riding, self rescue techniques and basic jumping are mandatory pre-requisites.
Each kitesurfer must bring his / her own kite equipment and a shorty wetsuit is recommended although air temperatures stay around the 28 degrees, the long hours in the water suggest the use.

Atolls around Ibo Island


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