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The love for the ocean has been the driving force for Carlo since he was very young. He started traveling and working in tourism industry when he was only 20 years old. Soon he started teaching sailing and windsurf in luxury resorts around the world.

The Indian ocean has always been his favorite playground and his luggage always included a wave riding windsurf gear. In the 90s he was the only windsurfer in Zanzibar and in the Maldives. When everybody else was diving, he was busy looking for wind and good spots to sail.

When he discovered kitesurfing, it was love at first sight. He was already in Mozambique by then, and that’s when he started kitesurfing community and began teaching his friends. In Murrebue he found the best spot to teach and a great base for his adventures.
He has organized a number of adventure trips and sailed uncharted waters all over the east African coast.
There are very few people who know the east coast of Africa as well as Carlo does... He has seen it all.


Name a kitesurfing place, and probably Gabriele was there at least once. Yes, he is a civil engineer, but this has never prevented him to be a gipsy kiteboarder kitesurfing in Australia, Europe, in the Americas and, of course, in Africa!

He learned kitesurfing on the Garda lake in 2006, thanks to the best school in the area, the Xkite school located in Brenzone.

After working for some years in his own engineering company in the north of Italy, Gabriele decided he should dedicate more time to his passion, so he decided to become a certified IKO instructor and to make his passion into a profession.

Since then he has taught in various spots around the world: Mexico, Italy, Egypt, Brazil... and quickly qualified as IKO instructor of Level II and as a head instructor for various kiteschools, including his friend Alessandro Pisano's AK school in Salento Italy, where he spent a beautiful summer season.

As Carlo is the 'fire and passion' of the Kitesurf Universe schools, he is the brain behind the scenes that makes the 'machine' work smoothly.



Born in Mozambique, Robert lived his young years in Uganda. He moved to back to Mozambique when he was 27.

Looking for a job, Robert met Carlo and started working at il Pirata. Soon he showed interest for watersports and became an essential asset of il Pirata as the best beach assistant.
But that was not enough for him, so he learned how to swim in order to start his training in kitesurfing. Now he is also training in windsurfing and assisting with both windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons.

The goal is for him to become the first Mozambican IKO registered kitesurfing instructor...

The sky is the limit!